Closed beta keys gone

Thank you everyone for their great interest in participating on the closed beta!
We’ve now given out all of the 100 keys, we might be giving more in a couple of weeks or so.

Beta testers needed

We are finally ready to start the closed beta for Planetbase later this week. The plan is to stay in beta for about a month and then launch the game (so the estimated launch date is now mid October).

We will be giving away a bunch of Steam keys for testers to play the game, if you are interested in participating please mail us to, please include your system specs and also specify if you are fluent in any of: English, Spanish, French or German.


We’ve just finished all the art for the character variations for the game: we have various ethnic and hairstyle versions of every character, which will make colonists more unique and relatable.

This is the last major piece of art left in the game, we are now in the process of finishing some minor things and we will be launching a closed beta very soon.